Sarah Bäckman Workout

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  • Jerry Clark

    She is great but I saw a video on Youtube on channel “Realarmwrestling” that shows Heidi Andersson getting beat by a normal 17 year old kid who supposedly didn’t have any armwrestling skills. Can Sarah tell us some more about that (if she knows anything about the incident) and how she (Heidi) possibly feels like to be beat by a novice kid who was tagged as being just a normal skinney kid. The idea from that channel holder is that no matter how good a woman gets, some average joe guy will put her down easily. I love Heidi and Sarah and think I have seen them armwrestle each other. Can’t remember if Heidi won once or not like best out of 3 or 5.

  • Kenny

    Sarah Backman’s forearm looks beautiful in this picture. I wish my arms looked like hers. If I could, I would drain all of the strength out of her forearms and put it into my forearms. Then I’d be strong.


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