Drorit Silverman (Kernes) Posing


  • Frankie

    Drorit is a gold digger that has not worked a day for 10 years. She is still married but tells everyone she is single. Her husbands health is in bad shape and she is trying to take all of his money. Plus she does steroids. Everything is phones. She is gross from the inside out.

  • J. Mark

    “Frankie”, your information is not only inaccurate, it is categorically false. Ms. Silverman was a successful chiropractor for many years. She married a pathetic loser trust fund dependent “man” who never worked a day in his life. They had four children together (to include triplets) and Mr. trust fund bailed on his responsibilities. Mr. trust fund did get very sick, and even though he was a dead beat loser, Ms. Silverman took care of him. The extreme abuse she suffered at his hands ultimately led to their divorce. Ms. Silverman has continued to raise the children by herself and done a masterful job at it. Further, she stayed in phenomenal shape throughout and is still considered one of the great female bodybuilders of all time. What have you done in your life “Frankie”? Working as a bottom feeder mouth piece for Mr. trust who drained all of their assets and left her homeless for four months with four little girls is not an accomplishment.

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